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We all know the issues with non PHO shortenings as they simply don’t work as well as PHO.  Palm options are not usually creamy and can be clumpy or melt fast in the summer, are not as white, and simply are different in texture.

That's why Stratas Foods, leader in innovation, developed a new process called “Flex Crystallization” (using “flex” for flexible), to dramatically improve on these non-PHO challenges. Flex Crystallization delivers a tighter, more consistent size and shape of fat crystals, eliminating clumping, delivering a smooth, creamy texture, and in the case of palm, expanding the working temperature range by 15-25 degrees! Both soy and palm shortenings produced under Flex conditions greatly enhance performance, reducing both plant headaches and improving finished product. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Available in both soy and palm formats
  • Easier to work with over a wider temperature range
  • Smoother and creamier
  • More consistent on a cube-to-cube basis
  • Available on a made to order and contract basis in an organic palm option

Tech Sheets Available:


Stratas has several options for reducing saturated fat content in your end products, including:

  • Superb Select 1020:  A soy based shortening that contains 28% saturates, which is about 40% lower than standard palm.  Superb Select 1020 is also free from hydrogenated fat, is whiter than palm products, and generally has a cleaner flavor than palm.
  •  Superb “IE” soy shortenings:  This line of shortenings has over 12 years of proven success as an excellent soy shortening for all applications.  Most of this line contains around 36-38% saturates, vs closer to 48% for palm.
  • Palm/soy and palm/canola blended shortenings:  These also can be used to lower saturated fats from 100% palm shortenings.
  • Conventional and clean label margarine: Margarines contain about 20% water and thus exhibit saturated fat reduction benefits, and even greater reductions when using palm/soy or similar blends.
  • Stay tuned for new generations of Stratas reduced saturated fat products!

Tech Sheet Available:

Apex expands the reach of non-PHO soy based shortenings into more challenging baking, icing, and donut applications. Unlike most non-PHO shortenings which suffer reduced functionality and flexibility compared to PHO. Apex is a true PHO-free drop in solution*, delivering full PHO functionality but without the PHO!

Features and Benefits:

  • Full PHO functionality but without the PHO!
  • Proven by customers across the country to deliver the highest performance of any non PHO shortening on the market, particularly in more difficult and demanding applications.
  • Expanded Temperature Range
  • Clean Flavor Profile
  • Grown in the USA


*May depend on application or process.