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Stratas Foods is the single solution for all your shortening needs.

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Interesterified (IE) bakery shortenings offer an innovative solution for bakers looking for zero grams of trans-fat per serving.

IE provides an option to achieve a wide range of plasticity without the use of high trans shortenings and IE formulations are available with domestic oil solutions. 

We all know the issues with palm shortenings - they're hard to work with, not as creamy, not as white, and different in texture. That's why Stratas Foods, leader in innovation, developed a new process called “Flex Palm” that produces our zero grams trans-fat shortenings.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easier to work with over a wider temperature range
  • Smoother and creamier
  • More consistent on a cube-to-cube basis

Apex expands the reach of non PHO soy based shortenings into more challenging baking, icing, and donut applications. Unlike most non-PHO shortenings which suffer reduced functionality and flexibility compared to PHO. Apex is a true PHO-free drop in solution.

Features and Benefits:

  • Expanded Temperature Range
  • Clean Flavor Profile
  • Grown in the USA